Photobooks by Anne Jensen

Dr Anne Jensen is an environmental consultant with a passionate interest in sustainable management of our natural resources, particularly the River Murray and wetland environments in Australia. She is particularly interested in using her collection of evocative photographs and stories from her varied work experience to explain issues around water and protecting natural ecosystems in terms that are understood by the wider community, to try to make a difference in many small ways to manage the environment and the planet  sustainably for our common future.

Anne has produced a series of photobooks covering topics which include the River Murray, Gawler Ranges, New Zealand and travels in Europe. Brief summaries are given below, with links for previews of the books.


Murray Meanders
The mighty River Murray meanders for more than 2,300 km through south-eastern Australia and represents a lifeline for all the communities which depend on its precious waters. Its moments of tranquility and beauty belie its turbulent history, as upstream and downstream communities battle over a share in this vital resource, too precious to lose.

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Mighty River Red Gums
River red gums mark semi-permanent freshwater in the Australian landscape, lining rivers and streams in all states except Tasmania. Healthy red gum communities reflect the good health of their supporting river ecosystems. Anne Jensen shares everything she learnt about river red gums in her PhD study, including the habits and features of these beautiful and important trees and their amazing life history.

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The Secrets of Black Box
Black box trees fulfill a vital role on the Murray-Darling Basin floodplains, marking the outer extent of larger floods, and surviving long dry spells between floods. Anne Jensen shares everything she learnt about black box in her PhD study, including the habits and features of these important trees and their amazing life history. There is also a smaller, slightly shorter version of the book (see smaller size).

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The Lignum Tangle
Lignum is the forgotten plant of the Murray-Darling Basin floodplains but it is a critical part of the riverine ecosystem. Anne Jensen shares everything she learnt about lignum in her PhD study, including the habits and features of these important shrubs and their amazing life history. There is also a smaller, slightly shorter version of the book (see smaller size).

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A Poetic View
David Bundey, artist and poet, loved the beauty, ruggedness and amazing structure of nature in the raw. This feeling is particularly apparent in this collection of poems, illustrated by selected paintings and sketches from his large multi-media collection. David’s daughters have published this collection to showcase his creative talents.

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Moments of Serenity
Enjoy these moments of serenity, ‘aah!’ moments when nature throws up colours and patterns to delight and refresh the soul!

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Secrets of the Gawler Ranges
The volcanic hills of the Gawler Ranges are more than 1500 million years old, with one of the largest deposits of rhyolite in the world forming the classic ‘organ pipes’ of ochre-red columns. Further north, the mallee bluebush country meets the blazing white salt of Lake Gairdner. Check out the secrets and be tempted to visit yourself!

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A First Encounter with Inle Lake
Inle Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar, is serene and tranquil, lying between two mountain ranges and offering a cooler retreat from the humid coastal plains. It has always attracted visitors, both tourists and pilgrims, to visit the important sacred pagodas and to appreciate the diverse cultures of the lake people, including the Inthas with their unique leg-rowing style of fishing. Now Myanmar is opening up to the outside world, and many more tourists will come to enjoy the unique attractions of Inle Lake.

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A French Experience
Join this exploration of Picardy in northern France and the Ile de France region in July 2011, including some great culinary experiences and a very wet tour of Paris!

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Visiting Vallee de la Somme
Visiting Picardy in northern France, it is impossible to ignore the reminders of fighting in the Somme Valley, with more than 1000 cemeteries scattered across the beautiful and peaceful countryside. This book tries to capture the contrast between these awful reminders of the horrors of war and the serenity of the landscape today.

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Poppies, Piazzas and Pencil Pines
Share the highlights of a trip exploring Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Venice in Italy, and across the Welsh and English countryside to York. The memories of the trip are symbolised by field poppies, grand piazzas and the evocative pencil pines, which were actually imported by the Estruscans, not native to Italy at all!

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A Little Adventure in New ZealandJoin a tour of the north-eastern part of the South Island of New Zealand, including Banks Peninsula near Christchurch, and the east coast up to Picton and the scenic Marlborough Sounds.

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Goats, Geezers and Geysers
Share a brief adventure wandering through the green glaciated landscapes of the North Island of New Zealand, exploring Hamilton, the geothermal region of Rotorua and the steep and winding roads of the Coromandel Peninsula.

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