Fish o’Clock at the Bay!

What a great example of team work! Encounter Bay, in the golden late afternoon light, and five pelicans, a group of crested terms, a bunch of silver gulls, a few little black cormorants, a white-faced heron and a stray grebe joined forces for a fishy snack.

From lazy idle swimming, the pelicans suddenly became purposeful, turning and swimming in tight formation, first in one direction and then the opposite way. They encircled and herded the fish ahead of them and then dipped their bills to grab a share. The smaller birds circled around the edges of the pelican group and the terns dive-bombed from the air above.

The fishing frenzy only lasted less than ten minutes, before all the birds had caught enough and had settled in their night roosts on the granite boulders, preening feathers and tucking head under their wings.


About redgumgirl

Dr Anne Jensen is an environmental consultant with a passionate interest in sustainable management of our natural resources, particularly the River Murray and wetland environments. She is particularly interested in using photographs and stories to explain issues around water and protecting natural ecosystems in terms that are understood by the wider community, so that we can manage our environment sustainably for our common future.
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