Making the case for environmental water

I took ABC journalist Tom Iggulden out into the field at Ramco Lagoon near Waikerie to demonstrate the process of returning water to the environment in the Murray Valley. Tom reported this story on AM on Friday, June 30, 2017 08:19:00

The story can be heard here:

Politics drowns out science as Murray-Darling water allocation remains under dispute

Along the entire Murray Darling system sit dozens of environmental projects underway, fed by water released under the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Scientists say that more time and more water are needed to reap the benefits of the new focus on the river system’s environmental health, but insist that without a commitment to improving the basin’s ecology, the industries that use the system will collapse.

Dr Anne Jensen, environmental consultant
Ian Hunter, South Australian Water Minister
Tony Pasin, Liberal Federal Member for Barker


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Dr Anne Jensen is an environmental consultant with a passionate interest in sustainable management of our natural resources, particularly the River Murray and wetland environments. She is particularly interested in using photographs and stories to explain issues around water and protecting natural ecosystems in terms that are understood by the wider community, so that we can manage our environment sustainably for our common future.
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