Just add water

It’s so simple — just add water and watch the magic as wetlands respond. The magic is happening at Yarra Creek in the Murray Valley upstream of Waikerie, thanks to environmental water that has been pumped into the site since mid-October by the Water For Nature program. The water is cascading through a series of linked swales and pools on its way to filling a deep lagoon along the base of the cliffs on the far side of the floodplain. The wetlands have come to life, with floating waterplants, frogs, flocks of waterbirds, greening lignum bushes, flowering black box trees and a burst of fresh green leaves on red gums. The water being returned is a critical investment in the health of the river ecosystem and aims to maintain the germination, growth and breeding triggered by the floods of 2010-2012. Yarra Creek is becoming a rich green asset which will contribute to a healthier river for the whole community.


About redgumgirl

Dr Anne Jensen is an environmental consultant with a passionate interest in sustainable management of our natural resources, particularly the River Murray and wetland environments. She is particularly interested in using photographs and stories to explain issues around water and protecting natural ecosystems in terms that are understood by the wider community, so that we can manage our environment sustainably for our common future.
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