Where is our $550?

The Prime Minister keeps saying that every household is $550 better off due to the scrapping of the carbon tax. Yesterday he said that the best thing he has done for Australian women is the extra $550 in their household budgets! But where is it? Our recent gas bill included carbon repeal credits of $6.02 for the quarter. Our electricity bill had $5.92 in carbon repeal credits. That suggests we will get a maximum of $48 over 12 months. Where is the rest of our $550, Mr Abbott? Now we have received a letter from our energy provider advising that charges will increase next February. A friend already had a price rise of 6%, with no credits. It seems that the economic benefits to ordinary Australians from repealing the carbon tax have been grossly over-stated, while the real benefits go to the companies producing greenhouse gases.


About redgumgirl

Dr Anne Jensen is an environmental consultant with a passionate interest in sustainable management of our natural resources, particularly the River Murray and wetland environments. She is particularly interested in using photographs and stories to explain issues around water and protecting natural ecosystems in terms that are understood by the wider community, so that we can manage our environment sustainably for our common future.
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